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High Quality Vehicle Security Systems - With patented Dual-Shock "all around the vehicle" Sensor - Exclusive to PCA

Welcome to Perth Car Alarms 

 ..Perth's Leader in Car Alarm and Vehicle Security!

If you're looking for the Ultimate in Car Security then you've come to the right place!

At Perth Car Alarms and Immobilisers we pride ourselves in installing you the Absolute Best in vehicle security. With over 20 years Experience in Installing and Servicing Cars, 4WD's and Caravans we protect your vehicle to the Ultimate degree.

As with any buying decision there's always the temptation to shop by price and find the cheapest system on the market. Don't get us wrong, we're all for value buying,however don't be lured into buying low cost systems. Often these are unreliable and will leave you stranded, and often fail to adequately protect your property when you need it most.

Our High Quality Car Alarm systems are priced from just $389 and are Manufactured to stringent ISO 9002 Australian standards, making them the most reliable and secure in the Car Alarm industry. With Patented Dual Shock Sensor and extremely secure Code Hoping remote controls, it's near to impossible for theives to "capture code and replay" to disarm our systems, unlike cheaper, non-compliant alarm systems.

Our Complete Alarm Systems start from $389 fully supplied and Installed.

With a Perfectionist mindset, we don't take short-cuts or rush your installation. Instead we take a time honoured approach to making sure every wire is soldered, insulated and routed to perfection. We work and treat your car as if it were our own..

​Ask about our

    ...Exclusive DUAL-SHOCK technology ...


We import Hi-Tech Dual Shock Sensors directly from the USA

The Highly Accoladed SECO ... the Best Car Alarm sensor ever created !!

 This revolutionary proprietory sensor enables us to incorporate

 "Light Touch pre-warn and Heavy Hit sensing to give you the best of both worlds" ....

Traditional shock sensors will "False Alarm" when a Motorbike or V8 thunders past. Our Dual Shock technology allows for a 2 second Pre-Warn on the light duty and mild touch setting, with second setting of Full-Alarm activation on heavy hit tampering.

This sensor alone is by far the best sensor ever created for protecting your vehicle and makes a big difference to the way it prevents damage to your vehicle versus the generic industry handout "glass break sensor" non-shock sensing.

The problem with "Glass Break Sensors" is they require the glass to actually be broken before sounding the alarm. By this time the damage has already been done and "snatch and grab" more likely to follow through. Not only will you lose your valuables but you're up for the cost of a new window as well, which can often cost over $300 to $400 in itself !!

There are many more significant features in our Car Alarms:

  • 124db Battery Back-up siren with smart-sense
  • Flashing Indicators on outside of vehicle
  • Dual Immobilisation Circuits
  • Doors, Boot and Bonnet sensors
  • 2 Code Hoping Remote Controls

... and so much more....

It's probably much easier we chat to you more on the phone about the additional range of features an options, customising them to your requirements.

For more information about the Best Alarm System for your Vehicle

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Already have an Existing Car Alarm System that needs Repair or Servicing?

At Perth Car Alarms and Immobilisers we can also repair older alarm systems that may have become faulty. Whether you have just bought a Second Hand car and the security system requires attention, or would like to upgrade, we can help! Able to service, install and repair car alarms and service immobilisers to all makes of vehicle including

Toyota, Holden, Ford, Nissan, Honda and Hyundai, BMW, Mercedes and many more ...

Our New Car Alarms can be packaged to include Loud 124dB Siren, Dual Shock Sensor, Doors and Bonnet Protection. All our Immobilisers are Government and Insurance Approved with flashing Red LED light and two Immobiliser Circuits. With complete black wiring the circuits are camouflaged making it harder for theives to bypass.

The most common Car Alarms and Immobilisers we Install are:

  • Touch Key Immobiliser
  • Jack Plug Immobliser
  • Transponder Immobiliser
  • Remote Control Immobiliser
  • Complete Car Alarm Immobiliser

If you already have an existing car alarm or Immobiliser that needs repair, we can help!

Most Alarm and Immobiliser problems occur intermittently at first then get worse as time goes on. Eventually they will stop working all together. It's a good idea to get it repaired soon before it leaves you stranded! We are a Mobile Service Also...

Whatever the problem, no matter the brand, there's a good chance we are able to fix it.

Give our Friendly Team a Call on 0488 820 860

Let's see what we can do for you ...

Perth Car Alarm and Immobiliser Installation, Repair and Service for Car Alarms in Perth Western Australia - We install High Quality Car Alarms in Perth - Dual Shock Sensor - Battery Back up Siren - Top Protection - Installed to Australian Standards and Government and Insurance Approved - We also provide Spare Parts and Remote Controls for existing Car Alarms Phone Mobile 0488 820 860 www.perthcaralarm.com.au Best Car Alarm for WRX, Skyline and EVO Lancer